The Manufacturing Facilities

Mediwell Laboratories philosophy is to provide state-of- the-art technology for essential healthcare products of international standards that are accessible, affordable and acceptable. Mediwell Laboratories’s products are manufactured with cGMP certified and internationally accredited production facilities, as recommended by WHO.

The manufacturing units are located at Baddi & Solan (Himachal Pradesh) and have state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities with huge per day capacity to produce formulations in practically all dosage forms. The most advanced manufacturing processes have been employed.

Tablets (Plain & Dispersible) Antibiotics
Capsules (Hard & Soft Gelatin) Antiamoebics
Liquid Oral Syrup & Suspension Antipyretics
Powder for Oral Use (Dry Syrup & Sachets) Analgesics & Anti-inflammatories
Powder for Oral Use (Dry Syrup & Sachets) Antiemetics & Gastrointestinals
Powder for Injections Sedatives & Tranquilizers
Lyophilized Injections Antihypertensives & Antidiabetics
Pre-filled Syringes Haematinics
Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops (FFS & 3 Plastic vials) Hormonal Preparations
Ointments & Creams Cough & Cold Preparations
Get & Lotions Natural Food Supplements
Semi-Solids for Oral use in Sachets (Jellies) Nutritional Supplements
Soaps & Shampoos Cosmetic & Dermatologicals

We believe and we assure that the quality of the products come true to hte expectation of medical specialists.

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