Product Indications :

  • Breast Pain & Tenderness
  • Skin Change & Redness Rash
  • Fibrocystic Cyst, Dimpling & Driping
  • Breast Lump, Breast Swelling, Breast hyperplasia
  • Breast Cancer, Discharge or Skin Irritation

Brand : Mediwell Laboratories

Product Weight : 50 gm

Quantity : 30 Capsules


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Product Description

What Is Brecyst ?

Brecyst is the best natural product for the breast issues in ladies. It is helping to cure breast pain & tenderness, Breast Cancer, Discharge or Skin Irritation.

Benefits of Brecyst 

  • Fibrocystic breast.
  • Lumpy Rope Like Texture in Breast
  • Generalized breast Pain & itchiness
  • Pain in the armpit
  • Presence of swelling in the breast Tenderness
  • Greenish or Dark brown nipple discharge that’s free of blood

Healthy Tips :

The pure natural extract herbs and plants, especially with high energy bio active peptides, the breast cell immunity repair factor, it finds the root of breast disease.

Severely ill patient, generally takes 2 month of treatment without any side effects.

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